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Skill Assessment - Save time by taking a pre-test before you take the course. The results of the test will let you know what parts of the course you need to take. A post-test is also available. You'll know how well you've mastered the material once you've completed this test.

Exercises - Gain valuable hands-on experience. You'll work in the actual software application you are studying with these exercises.

Questions - True/false, matching and fill in the blank questions are liberally included throughout the courses engaging you in the learning process.

Simulations - Yet another way to gain the hands-on experience you're looking for is through the use of DPEC's unique task based Simulations. It may seem like you're in the application but you'll be safe within the bounds of the course. The free and widely used Shockwave plug-in will enable you to run these optional simulations.

Sample Files - Our coding courses contain sample files that you can actually cut and paste into a compiler. You'll be able to practice with these files and save time by using them in a program of your own.

Click and go's - Our Click and go's will ensure that you'll be an active and engaged participant in the course.

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