Do you want to be paid for what you already know?

Do you want to make a career change into a field
which is in high demand and short supply of workers?

Are you looking for a promotion?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a candidate for one of the Microsoft Certification Programs. DPEC is pleased to offer online courses that cover a variety of Microsoft products and technologies relating to certification in the area of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering (MCSE) and Certified Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS). Without ever leaving your home or desk, you can gain the expertise needed to maximize your viability in today's job market.

Online, self-paced training is for the motivated learner who is ready for a challenge. It is also the most flexible and cost-effective way to increase your knowledge and skills. Since it is as close as the Internet, you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

We currently offer the following courses geared toward students seeking certification:

MCSE Certification
MCSE Required Exams Courses Offered by DPEC to Prepare for the Exams
NT Workstation 4.0
(Exam 70-73) Management
  • 4.0 Workstation Installation and Configuration
  • 4.0 Workstation Connectivity and Resource
  • 4.0 Workstation Troubleshooting
  • NT Server 4.0
    (Exam 70-67)
  • 4.0 Server: Planning & Installation
  • 4.0 Server: Configuration
  • 4.0 Server: Resource Management
  • 4.0 Server: Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • NT Server 4.0 - Enterprise
    (Exam 70-68)
  • 4.0 Enterprise: Configuration
  • 4.0 Enterprise: Connectivity
  • Networking Essentials
    (Exam 70-58)
  • Networking Essentials: Terminology
  • Networking Essentials: Standards
  • Networking Essentials: Planning A Topology
  • Networking Essentials: Planning Connections
  • Networking Essentials: Implementations
  • Networking Essentials: Troubleshooting
  • MCSE Elective Exams
    Exchange Server 4.0
    (Exam 70-75)
  • Planning for MS Exchange Server
  • Installing and Configuring MS Exchange Server
  • Administering and Managing MS Exchange Server
  • SQL Server 6.5
    (Exam 70-026)
  • 6.5: Introduction
  • 6.5: Installation and Setup
  • 6.5: Users and Replication
  • 6.5: Database Administration
  • 6.5: System Management
  • 6.5: Tuning for Performance

  • MOUS Certification
    For MOUS certification, we currently offer training necessary to prepare for two of the sections required to sit for the exam. Those courses are:

  • Word 97: Getting Started
  • Word 97: Formatting Documents
  • Word 97: Using Productivity Tools
  • Excel 97: Getting Started
  • Excel 97: Modifying Worksheets
  • Excel 97: Using Excel Tools

  • Exams
    As of June 1998, Sylvan Prometric and Virtual University Enterprises (VUE), independent testing organizations, administer all Microsoft Certified Professional exams. You can reach Sylvan by calling (800) 755-EXAM (3926) and VUE at

    Sign up today! For pennies on the dollar you can change your life by getting involved in one of the fastest growing and highly paid job markets!


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